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blox is a VS code extension that enables developers to build Tailwind CSS UIs in record time. 1500+ Accessible, Cross-browser, and Responsive components available with support for Angular, React, Vue, Alpine, Svelte and Laravel.

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Make things happen.

Develop production ready UIs in no time with a diverse range of Tailwind CSS components just a click away

Fully Responsive

Adaptive design blocks with a consistent experience across different breakpoints

Thoroughly Compatible

No matter what application you're developing, Blox offers 1500+ code blocks ready for every scenario out there

Rigorously Tested

Meticolous testing is performed on every block for highest development standards

WCAG Acessible

Every block follows WCAG guidelines and provides an accessible experience for every user

Fast Track your Workflow

Every code snippet comes baked with the best practices of web development so your project is end to end ready for every user

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blox Works Where You Do

Forget about scowering for components around the web and copying them to your code. Save the time and do it right within VS Code

Extensive UI Library

No matter what application you're developing, blox offers 1500+ code blocks (1100 available now) ready for every scenario out there

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Less code more productivity

Less Code. More Productivity.

You’ll never need to memorize syntax, worry about typos, or hunt for code snippets again

Drop-in Ready

blox removes the painstaking process of building a component from scratch and allows devs to focus on the timeline of their projects

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