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What is blox?

blox is a one-of-a-kind VS code extension that provides developers with 1500 code blocks (1100 available now) from different UI categories of Web Application, Ecommerce and Marketing. blox allows devs to fast track their workflow and increase productivity all while maintaining the highest development standards with drop-in-ready code blocks.

Who is it for?

Who is behind blox?

What Javascript Frameworks are supported?

What CSS Frameworks are supported?

What are the plans for Bootstrap support?

Do the code blocks come with baked-in Integrations & Interactions?

What do you mean by `Early Access`?

Where will I get all the updates?

Am I authorized to use the code blocks in client projects?

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Does blox offer a trial?

Does blox Pro have a refund policy?

I want a license for my whole team. What should I do?